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Sprinkler system contractor in Stillwater, MN, offering residential and commercial blowouts, start ups, installation and repairs.

Few things look more beautiful than a lush lawn. Your lawn can only be as good as your irrigation system. We provide customized watering solutions for homes, multi-acre commercial properties, HOAs and more. We design our Stillwater irrigation systems around the unique parameters of each property’s lawn and landscaping.

We can meet all your needs from installing a new system, and performing regular checks and maintenance on an existing sprinkler system, to making necessary repairs, starting up your sprinkler system in the spring and fall winterizations and everything in between. Whether you are looking for a quote on a new irrigation system in Stillwater, MN or to learn more about water management and conservation, you are in the right place. We have the experience to keep your turf, trees and shrubs taken care of with no effort on your end. Learn more by calling us at (651) 383-2777 or requesting a quote

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Sprinkler System Installation in Stillwater, MN

Spending your afternoon setting timers and alarms to then go outside in the heat and humidity to wrestle hoses and move sprinklers is not a fun way to spend your summer. Our underground lawn sprinkler system installations in Stillwater will allow you to have your lawn and landscape consistently watered, which promotes a thick, lush lawn throughout the growing season, and best of all, you will not need to worry about your grass, trees and plants getting watered.

After installation, our technicians will set up your system to operate automatically on a schedule that works for you and any city odd/even watering regulations that your city may require, allowing for worry free watering even if you are on vacation for several weeks.

stillwater residential irrigation system

Our lawn sprinkler systems are professionally designed and installed to provide the best possible coverage while still delivering efficient performance. This means designing with even distribution for every sprinkler head. Our technicians are well-versed in designing systems for all water applications including city water, well systems and pump systems from lakes, ponds and rivers. To learn more about having a sprinkler system installed on your residential or commercial property in Stillwater, get a quote today!

Stillwater, MN Irrigation Blowout and Winterization Services

As autumn arrives and winter draws near in Minnesota, the temperatures begin to drop and this eventually leads to the ground freezing. Prior to the ground freezing, your underground lawn sprinkler system must be winterized (often referred to as a blowout) to prevent damage to the irrigation system. Failing to remove the water from the system will cause the water to freeze, expand and likely lead to sprinkler pipes, heads, valves and back-flow preventers cracking or rupturing, which leads to expensive repairs in the future.

Our Stillwater irrigation blowout technicians are equipped with speciality industrial-grade air compressors which apply an appropriate amount of pressure into the sprinkler system to effectively and efficiently remove the water from your underground sprinkler pipes, valves and heads in a timely manner. We offer affordable sprinkler blowout services to residential and commercial customers.

Our schedule fills up fast so call us at (651) 383-2777 or request a quote today to schedule your sprinkler blowout! 

Sprinkler System Start Up Services

It is imperative to set up your underground automatic lawn sprinkler system properly to ensure your watering times are long enough to provide proper watering, while not being too long where to the point where your lawn becomes soaked and saturated. Another important factor is the time of day the watering takes place.

Our typical sprinkler start up process:

If there are any damaged parts or leaks are detected, we will inform you of the issues that need to be resolved. We can then provide a quote for the irrigation repairs or sprinkler service work required to make your system functional again.

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