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Lawn Drainage Solutions Stillwater, MN

Are you experiencing soft, spongy spots in any area of your lawn or property after rain? Or is water seeping into your basement? You may have drainage issues on your property. Drainage issues occur due to an improper grade in your lawn areas, or the landscaping surrounding the foundation of your house, office building, shed or other structure has no slope due to the soil settling over time. This also can occur on newly built homes if the soil around the foundation was not backfilled and compacted properly. Our team is incredibly well-versed in solving outdoor drainage problems in Stillwater both large and small, call (651) 383-2777 or get a quote today and we will be in touch shortly to take a look at your property.

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Fixing Landscape and Lawn Drainage Problems in Stillwater

If your yard and landscape is not designed and installed correctly, it can lead to detrimental effects to not only your lawn and landscaping by killing turf, shrubs and trees which renders your outdoor space useless, but also puts your home at risk to suffer from flooding your basement. There are several types of lawn and landscape drainage systems available to correct these problems. Some of these include french drains, channel drains, trench drains, dry wells, catch basins, grates and emitters and much more. One of the most popular options for solving Stillwater, MN lawn drainage problems are french drains. If you are experiencing any issues related to standing water in your lawn, excessive softness in your yard even days after the most recent rain event, or your shrubs are providing tell-tale signs of having too much soil moisture, give our Stillwater lawn drainage experts a call today at (651) 383-2777 or request a quote and we will be in touch shortly!

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