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If there is one thing that distinguishes us, it is the amazing design and flawless construction of our paver structures. Since no paver is the same, the same can be said about any patio or walkway, they are all different to one another allowing your property to have a unique flair that is unlike any other patio. 

Our Stillwater paver patio building crews are highly trained paver structure building experts. Whether you prefer the elegance of natural stone, or the practical beauty of concrete pavers, we will help you build your dream outdoor space, whether it is a paver driveway and with a walkway and stairs to the front door, or custom Stillwater, MN paver patio with fire pit and freestanding walls and a pergola built atop the patio for shade during the hot summer afternoons. Request a quote or call today at (651) 383-2777 to get your paver installation project started.

Paver Patio and Walkway in Stillwater, MN

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Our Stillwater, MN Paver Installation Services Include:

Outdoor Living and Paver Patio in Stillwater MN

Typical Paver Installation Process

1. Site Measurements and Design – the initial stage of any paver project in Stillwater begins by meeting with our paver installation design professional to discuss your project including the location of the project, specific ideas you may have for colors, styles and patterns. Our design professional will then take your ideas and create a design for your patio, walkway, or driveway. During the design phase, quotes can also be includes for other landscaping around the patio, such as plants or mulch.

2. The Design is Finalized – when you like what you see with your patio design, agreements are signed and deposits are made as necessary.

3. Excavation and Base Prep – our Stillwater, MN paver patio crews put their paver installation practices to work. Starting with digging out the area where the paver structure will be built. This is a depth adequate for base material (gravel), sand and the pavers to be installed on top.

4. Laying The Pavers and Making Cuts – once the base material is properly installed and compacted, pavers are laid out in the designated pattern and style. Once all the pavers are laid out and the paver structure has reached the desired length and width, pavers are cut as needed to fit within the design. Followed by snap edging to help with holding the paver structure in place.

5. Paver Finishing Work – after all the paver cuts have been made. The next step is to sweep polymeric sand (also referred to as “joint sand”) into the spaces between the pavers and edging. After a proper amount of joint sand is applied in the spaces, the remaining sand on the paver surface is blown off. Then a light mist is applied onto the pavers. Then once pavers have dried, a final light mist is applied. At this time, walking on the pavers is off limits for a couple days while the polymeric sand cures and hardens the patio, walkway or driveway.

Our paver installation professionals will walk you through the specific duration of when the pavers can be walked on, routine paver cleaning, etc. to ensure your new Stillwater, MN paver patio, walkway or driveway will serve you for decades to come!
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