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Professional tree care, branch & shrub trimming/pruning, tree removal and stump grinding services for residential and commercial properties

Despite trees being one of the greatest gifts ever given to Earth, at times they can create potentially dangerous situations on your property. Lack of maintenance or grossly overgrown trees can drastically reduce the curb appeal of your property and clutter your outdoor space with dead branches, twigs and other debris. Overgrown trees can also protrude into the space surrounding your home or other structures on your property, and for this reason, removing trees in Stillwater, MN is sometimes necessary.

Do you have a problem tree that must be removed? Or do you have tree branches that have been left for too long and now requires heavy lifting and climbing to tall heights to prune? When the job is a bit more than you can handle, get an estimate or call today at (651) 383-2777 to get it done right – and to get it done safely.

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Residential and Commercial Tree Removal in Stillwater, MN

By its very nature, tree removal is not an easy task. It requires forethought, know-how, time and the right equipment. All of which our crews have. We possess years of expertise under our belt safely and successfully removing trees, including removing standing trees and trees that have previously fallen during a high wind event or storm.

When assessing a tree removal job, we always take a number of factors into consideration such as the size of the tree, species of the tree, current damage to the tree, its proximity to structures, landscaping and flower gardens or anything else on your property, and lastly the current weather conditions.

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Signs That Your Tree May Need To Be Removed:

If you notice any of these signs with your trees, please get an estimate or call immediately at (651) 383-2777 and our tree professionals will come out to inspect and evaluate the tree to assess if it needs to be removed.

Shrub and Tree Trimming Experts in Stillwater, MN

Trimming your tree branches and shrubs is important to help sustain the longterm success your trees and shrubs while retaining their natural appearance. There are specific times of year that are best for trimming and pruning based on the species of your trees and shrubs. Our tree and shrub professionals will assess the current state of your trees, shrubs and hedges to determine the ideal course of action, whether that may be removing unhealthy limbs, disease reduction or improving aesthetics. Request a quote today for an estimate on tree trimming at your Stillwater, MN property. 

Signs That Your Trees and Shrubs Need Professional Trimming

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Stillwater Stump Grinding Services

No matter the type of property, a tree stump is rarely a positive addition for both visual and functional reasons. As the stump decays, it will attract insects (they make great homes for bee and wasp nests), wild animals, and a potential walking hazard while also becoming another obstacle to mow around. Stump grinding is the most efficient and non-invasive method to removing that unsightly stump from your property. 

Our tree stump grinding professionals use top-notch equipment designed to place minimal impact on your lawn when accessing the area where the stump is located but still pack a punch to grind up that stump efficiently and effectively. Get an estimate today for stump grinding in Stillwater. 

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